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Customer Stories

My Kollo Journey // Rachel L

by Olivia Coleman

My Kollo Journey // Rachel L

Hi there, I’m Rachel Langrish; a 40-year old marathon and ultra-marathon runner!

I first started looking into collagen supplements shortly after turning 40 in June last year.  I wanted a natural way to help boost collagen levels and slow down the signs of ageing that didn’t involve any cosmetic procedures!  As well as finding a collagen supplement that has benefits for overall health.

After reading through the Kollo website that details the benefits, studies, FAQ’s as well as the customer stories and reviews; I decided to sign up to a monthly Kollo subscription.  The reasons I choose Kollo over other brands include that Kollo contains 10g of marine collagen; the highest dose of a collagen product on the market.  It is also a key factor for me that Kollo is supported by clinical studies and is fully Informed Sport Certified.  As well as being a product that aids in supporting joint and cartilage health due to the added B vitamins.  This is an added benefit to help support my running training and racing and in turn my energy levels!

I started taking Kollo in July 2022 and after 3-4 months I noticed improvements in the reduction of fine lines around my eyes as well a more radiant complexion.  My hair is long and I have a lot of hair naturally but it’s fine in texture and I have noticed it becoming slightly thicker as well as my nails feeling stronger and splitting less.  Obviously a healthy lifestyle, diet, good sleep and hydration is crucial for these benefits as well; though given I was doing those things already before taking Kollo and have still noticed benefits then I’m crediting Kollo for those!

Before and After Kollo: Rachel

Kollo is a very easy supplement to take and has a nice taste like a tropical drink.  I take one sachet per day and just mix mine with around 150-200ml of water on a morning and drink it like a cordial drink.  I actually find it a nice refreshing taste and not difficult to swallow at all!  For those concerned there is no taste of fish either even though it contains marine collagen!  As if it did taste of fish then I wouldn’t take it as I don’t eat fish/can’t stand the smell of it cooking!  So can assure you there is no fish smell/taste to the product!

It’s a benefit of Kollo that your daily dose comes in it’s own individual sachet so it’s already measured out for you to either just swallow straight from the sachet or mix with water for a longer drink!  This makes it easy when taking Kollo on the go at work or travelling as you only need to grab the number of individual sachets you need instead of taking big containers worth of powders etc like some collagen supplements come in!

The Kollo website portal is also very usual friendly and an easy way to manage your monthly subscription with help if required from the efficient customer service team; as well as associated email reminders on your monthly subscription.  On the portal you can collect and redeem points equating to a discount off future monthly orders.  You can also amend the dates of orders if you would like to skip them and cancel your monthly subscription at any time without charge.   

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