About Kollo Health

Founded in 2020 as Kollo, Kollo Health has emerged as one of the market leaders in the world of premium liquid collagen products. Providing a daily sachet packed with 10,000 mg of premium-grade liquid marine collagen, plus added vitamins, the Kollo liquid collagen supplement is formulated to support whole-body health for men and women.

Having won numerous accolades and grown an audience of thousands of customers with countless 5-star reviews, the results speak for themselves. Clinical studies have shown that taken daily for 12 weeks, Kollo Health’s Premium Liquid Marine Collagen promotes good health in the following:

  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Bones
  • Tendons and ligaments
  • Cartilage

A sachet of our collagen contains 10,000 mg of Type I marine collagen peptides, clinically studied for their anti-ageing effects. The product is an essential source of amino acids and contains 100% RDA of Vitamins C, B5 and B12, 100% of B6 and over 100% of B1 and L-lysine. These are all crucial to a number of bodily functions, including normal collagen formation. The focus has always been on providing the most high-quality product in a saturated market to restore some integrity to health supplementation and help people become their best selves.

With three and a half years in the market, Kollo has taken lessons from customers and the ever-changing industry to rebrand into Kollo Health. The Kollo liquid collagen supplement remains but is now offered alongside other liquid supplements aimed at assisting individuals on their journey to become the best version of themselves - the Unstoppable You.

Kollo Health is known for its refined and expertly cultivated presentation. We provide delicious, easy-to-drink liquid supplements with high doses of active ingredients obtained from the highest-quality sources. We nourish your body with the most potent ingredients in the most effective way, making them easy to absorb and highly beneficial to your body and mind.

Why Choose Kollo Health?

The health and wellness supplements market is full of opportunists and empty promises. But today, people are more conscious of the importance of high-quality nutrition for a healthy body and mind. We are the brand that wants to deliver that for you, founded on principles of integrity and a genuine passion for improving lives. And now, with three years of supplying our collagen product to a market of men and women on an array of journeys of self-improvement, we have doubled down on this.

Ours is the first liquid marine collagen brand to pack 10,000 mg of collagen into every 21.5g sachet. Even when we boosted from 7000 mg to 10,000 mg, we kept the price the same, providing our customers with 40% more great-tasting liquid collagen at no extra cost. We have put the same emphasis on potency and quality into our new products whilst maintaining a priority of being transparent and accessible for our customers.

We are also working hard to remain sustainable as we grow. We use ethically sourced, sustainable ingredients and keep plastic to a minimum in our packaging. And we practise what we preach, encouraging our small team to live sustainably and make lifestyle choices that nurture their health and wellbeing.

Clinically Studied

The unique supplement formulations at Kollo Health are designed for easy absorption into the body. The marine collagen peptides in our Premium Liquid Marine Collagen are clinically studied for their effects on skin and joint health, and we incorporate as many supplementary ingredients to support diverse functions in the body that nurture wellbeing.

We follow the science at every term when developing our supplements. And we are maintaining our focus on a few core elements of well-being that translate to men and women of all ages and from all walks of life.

Our Story

Kollo premium-grade liquid collagen supplements arose from extensive research and development to create a market-leading collagen supplement. But the vision behind it was one of enabling people to be the best version of themselves. The idea emerged from the mind of Jenni Falconer, who drew from life experiences and worked with her business partners to co-found Kollo Health. Having spent 3 years pursuing this goal, we have learnt a great deal, and have been inspired by the stories our customers have told us of their journeys since starting with Kollo.

We are a small team, but our passion for health is empowering. Rebranding to Kollo Health, our focus is on encouraging new approaches to life to be healthier and more active, and to become #UnstoppableYou. We are better than the competition, because no-one else is driven like we are to offer what people truly need for their health. Our range of supplements caters to the varying needs of our customers, based on listening to their feedback and understanding what they hope to achieve on their journeys.

We have always followed the science in developing our supplements, and we now have the experience to follow our customers as well. Kollo Health is a vibrant community of individuals with the collective goal of becoming their best selves. And we have developed our supplements to achieve this, offering the best ingredients in the most bioavailable form for easy absorption into the body.

Whether you choose our groundbreaking liquid collagen supplement or any of the other products we offer, you are getting the best on the market. Take charge of this journey you are on to become unstoppable as you power towards your goals. With Kollo Health in your corner, you are in good hands!