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Our Sustainability Message

As a brand we are doing everything we can to make our packaging as eco-friendly as possible. Without the availability of recycling solutions for smaller brands, we are doing our bit with a 100% recyclable box, compostable parcel bag and inserts. We have re-developed the pack format which has not only reduced the amount of plastic but it has also opened up further possibilities for ‘Greener’ materials which were previously not an option due to the construction. This format also offers a stronger seal and with the reduced plastic layers makes opening the packs a lot easier, it has been on the market almost 12 months now with nothing but positive feedback. 

Our choice of sachet materials is widely available throughout the food industry as it presently offers the best barrier protection and shelf life durability. If you wish to recycle your sachets, please retain the box and empty sachets and send us an email, we will send you a packing slip to return them for recycling. 

Within year one we are working hard to make sure we have a recycling solution for every single article of packaging you receive.

Bear with us as we grow and know that it is at the core of our business growth plan.

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