Clinical Studies


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At the end of the study, lines around the eye (crow’s feet) indicated a significant smoothing in the overlap of the skin and a significant reduction in skin wrinkling. No effect was observed in the placebo group. The clinical score of wrinkles, assessed by the Investigator, decreased significantly between week 6 and week 12. The clinical score remained unchanged for the placebo group.
Results show a significant (-9.37%) reduction in skin wrinkles after 12 weeks.
Skin hydration also showed significant improvements in the type 1 collagen group, with hydration levels increased by 22.8% from day one of the study.Skin elasticity showed major improvements at both week 6 and week 12, with a +27.2% increase in hydration by week 12.
Results show a significant (+22.8%) improvement in skin hydration after 6 & 12 weeks.
Results show a significant (+27.2%) increase in skin elasticity at 12 weeks