Kollo Health’s Awards


Since launching in April 2020, Kollo Health’s Premium Liquid Marine Collagen has proven to be a leader in the collagen world by winning over 36 industry awards. With wins in a variety of categories from skincare to sports, and nutrition to pre/post natal supplements, it's an honour to be the UK's most-awarded, 10g liquid collagen supplement.

Best Collagen Supplement Awards

Attracta Beauty Awards 2024
Best Liquid Collagen - Winner

Woman & Home Clever Skincare Awards 2024
Best Supplement - Winner

Universal Beauty Awards 2024
Best Wellbeing Supplement - Gold
Best Women's Supplement - Bronze

Top Sante Skincare Awards 2023
Best Collagen Supplement - Winner

Women & Home Magazine 2023
Best Collagen Supplement - Winner

Polo and Lifestyle Magazine Beauty Wellness Awards 2023
Supplement Category - Winner

European Enterprise Awards 2021
Best Global Liquid Marine Collagen Supplements Manufacturer - Winner

The Global Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021
Best Food Supplement - Winner

UK Global Make Up Awards 2021
Best Supplement - Bronze

Awards for Wellness & Beauty

Beauty Supplement Awards 2024

The Beauty Shortlist 2024
Wellness Awards - Editors Choice

Global Green Beauty Awards 2023
Best Hair Supplement - Gold

The Beauty Shortlist 2023
Wellness Category - Editor’s Choice

UK Global Makeup Awards 2023
Best UK Beauty Brand - Gold

UK Global Makeup Awards 2022
Best Health / Wellbeing Product - Gold
Best UK Beauty Brand - Silver

Women's Running 2022
Best Skincare - Editors Choice

The Beauty Shortlist 2021
Best Supplement for Healthy Nails - Winner

Pre/Post Natal Awards

Mama & Babytots Awards 2024
Best Overall Skincare Supplements for Mum - Platinum Winner

Bambini Baby Awards 2024
Best Pre/Post Natal Supplements - Gold
Best Post-Natal Care - Gold
Best Luxury Product for a New Mum - Bronze

Mama and Babytots Awards 2023
Best Skincare for New Mums - Editors Choice
Best Overall Health Supplement - Gold

Bambini Baby Awards 2023
Best Must-Have for New Mums - Gold
Best Face Product for New Mum - Silver
Best Pre/Post Natal Supplements - Silver
Best Hair Growth Product - Silver

Bambini Baby Awards 2022
Best Pre/Post Natal Supplements - Gold
Best Beauty Product for a New Mum - Silver

Collagen for Fitness & Nutrition

Women's Fitness Nutrition Awards 2024
Collagen for Joints - Winner

Womens Running Awards 2023
Best Health Drink

Womens Running Awards 2021
Best Nutrition Health Drink
Best in Test for Nutrition

Awards for Design & Packaging

Global Make Up Awards 2023
Best Design & Packaging - Bronze

Global Make Up Awards 2022
Best Design & Packaging - Gold