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Customer Stories

My Kollo Journey // Fiona

by Olivia Coleman

Game Changer ❤️

So I’m currently in month three. I’m already noticing changes to my skin. I genuinely am less dry and flaky on arms and legs. My face isn’t so dull looking as my skin looks shinier and smoother. My nails are pinker on my hands and feet and are growing a lot faster then previously! My hair has been transformed in a short space of time! I’m post menopausal and my hair was thinning, dull and lank. I was struggling to style it - even put a curl in it and it was brittle. 

I’m on my third box and in that time my hair has thickened and is shinier and with my new shorter cut it’s just bouncing. Ive suffered and continue to manage post menopausal symptoms - I’m also on HRT - I’d been on it 12 months when I started Kollo so the energy boost I am feeling can only be linked to this as nothing else has changed.

I’ve taken monthly photos so when I get to six months I’ll maybe post on here so you can see how it’s helped me so far. One thing I would say is that I suffer from IBS and terrible bloating but that has dramatically reduced - I haven’t had an IBS flare up for a couple of months now which is a huge plus for me. I was nervous trying it as I have a shellfish intolerance and wasn't sure how I might react to marine collagen but had no problems at all so far!

Personally I would recommend Kollo. I love the packaging and getting my delivery - seems such a shame to recycle the gorgeous boxes! I know many will say can’t afford it and some genuinely may not be able to. I’m lucky that I can make a change by stopping my daily coffee and breakfast at work so I can cover the cost. It’s one small change made for a huge benefit to me personally. I have a new sweet jar lol - the taste is amazing - I’m hooked 🐠❤️

Fiona's Customer Journey - Before KolloFiona's Customer Journey - After 1 month of KolloFiona's Customer Journey - After 2 months of Kollo
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