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Customer Stories

My Kollo Journey // Emma

by Natasha Whiting

My Kollo Journey // Emma

I took collagen for 10 months!

I’ve been using Kollo for 10 months and it’ll be my fruity friend for the foreseeable!

My nails and hair are stronger and my skin plumper and smoother. I initially read all the reviews and thought why not give it a go.

I was on a mission to feel fitter & healthier and Kollo was the kick start I needed. I’m eating better, started running and just generally feeling better in my silky shiny skin. I think when you invest in yourself it starts a chain reaction to improve other areas you sometimes overlook and put off.

I look forward to my glass of water with Kollo. It tastes great, I feel energised and I’m having that extra glass of water I probably wouldn’t of had along with all the added vitamins....Winning ! Thank you Kollo ❤️

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