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Customer Stories

My Kollo Journey // Connie

by Natasha Whiting

My Kollo Journey // Connie

I started using Kollo in June 2021. At 49 I had started to suffer from really stiff and achy joints, especially in my knees, hip and lower back (possibly due to peri menopause). I’d get out of bed like an old woman! I found walking down the stairs and bending awkward to do and sometimes painful. I read collagen can help with joints and, as the amount of collagen your body naturally makes decreases with age, I thought I may need a supplement. I researched different brands and chose Kollo because it seemed to have the optimum amount of collagen, added vitamins which were a bonus, it had good reviews and it comes in a handy sachet.

I made such a great choice!

After only 8 days of taking Kollo, I got out of bed without feeling achy and stiff, I could not believe it had worked so quickly (but having done nothing else differently it had to be the Kollo). As an added bonus I’ve noticed my nails are stronger and grow longer and my hair is in better condition, much softer and more manageable. All that for less than the price of a daily takeaway coffee! I can honestly say I would not be without my Kollo now. I take it in a small amount of water every morning without fail (it mixes perfectly) and I think it tastes like tropical squash, not unpleasant at all. I cannot recommend it enough and have recommended to others.

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