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My Kollo Journey // Christianah

by Natasha Whiting

My Kollo Journey // Christianah

How collagen cleared my eyelid dermatitis

How it started

My face and neck has always been clear. Despite having eczema on my body, it has never reached my face or affected that area. However during summer, I suffered a flare up or a reaction which caused my eyelids to start flaking uncontrollably. I’d wake up with heavy eyelid flakes - it was like having dandruff on your eyelids. No matter how many times I moisturised my eyelids, the flakes would appear almost instantly.

Daily issues

As a daily wearer of contact lenses, this affected me to a large extent as it meant that I was continuously itching my eyes and the flakes would stick to the top of my lenses and irritate my eyes further. Eventually I had to switch from lenses to glasses. Apart from that, I noticed that when wearing minimal makeup, I now had wrinkles. As a 25-year-old female, I wasn’t expecting to have to battle wrinkles for a few years but it seems the eyelid dermatitis was making my face age quickly. I stopped wearing eye makeup because I didn’t want to irritate it further but I knew something had to be done. I’d quickly realised that any external treatment wasn’t working so I knew I had to treat it internally - that’s when I started taking Kollo collagen.

The results

It wasn’t long after taking Kollo collagen twice a day that I began to see visible results. I had stopped over moisturising my eyelids and just focused on taking Kollo collagen. As you can see from the “before” and “after” pictures, there are three notable differences:

1. the flaking has disappeared;
2. the wrinkles are gone;
3. the eyelid area now looks nourished and succulent.

The main difference is the texture of the eye area - previously it was dry, scaly and thin but it’s now supple, smooth and firm. I’m so glad I tried Kollo collagen, I’ve gone back to wearing my contact lenses and now I feel confident to wear eye make-up. Your body is a temple - don’t wait till it’s too late to start looking after it. For more information, visit

You can follow Christianah’s fitness account via Instagram: @ccfxfitness 


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