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Customer Stories

My Kollo Journey // Carwen

by Olivia Coleman

I turned 55 this year and I've always enjoyed health and wellness. My skin isn't bad for my age but I am challenged with arthritis. I came across Kollo when I did a marine collagen search on the web. I was pleased to see Jenni Falconer as a founder and knew it was the brand for me. I was also very impressed with the quantity of marine collagen added which is more than many other brands out there.

I've been taking Kollo for 2 months and have seen very good results. Basically, my skin looks more youthful and hydrated. I have also experienced less joint pain which makes me very happy. I started taking Kollo to see if it would ease my aches and pains which it has. The fact that it has also benefited my skin is an added bonus to me. My nails are growing super fast too. I started to notice the changes after 4 weeks. I took my photos before I started my Kollo journey and one after 4 weeks. The best time for me to take Kollo is in the evening after my meal. I keep the sachets in my bedroom on my bedside table so I don't forget. The taste is really ok. I'm very happy and impressed with all Kollo's awards they've won, and I'm telling friends about the brand. I will continue my journey with Kollo. I believe they're the best collagen brand out there. Don't hesitate to give them a go. You won't be disappointed.

Carwen Before & After Kollo Collagen

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