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The Kollo Ambassadors

Meet Lindy

by Natasha Whiting

Meet Lindy 

Hi, I’m Lindy and I’m a registered nurse working in the NHS. I have a passion for surgical nursing and in 2021 developed my own teaching podcast as well as being a sessional lecturer.

I’m also a keen runner and having had my Chicago Marathon place since 2020, I will finally run in 2022! Half marathons are my usual distance goals where I thrive to improve my PB. I usually take a sachet before and after a long run.

Lindy Kollo Ambassador

I completed the Ride London 100 in May 2022 and the adrenaline rush was immense. I consumed 6 sachets throughout the 100 mile cycle and had no joint or muscle pain post event.

Why do I take Kollo? Where do I start. So it all began when Jenni shared Kollo on her Instagram and as she’s a runner, I thought I’d investigate more. Combining my active lifestyle with my career choice, I spend a large quantity of time on my legs. So protecting them is a key factor for me and Kollo does just that. Having ingredients such as; vitamin C which repairs my tissues, (great for recovery), I’m normally deficient in B12 and each Kollo sachet tops it up allowing for my red blood cell production and B5 for boosting my energy conversion from my stored carbohydrates. Working a 12-13 hour shift, then a gym workout or run requires optimum energy supplies and motivation. Finally, protecting my immune system with the added L-lysine.

I’ve taken Kollo since it began in early 2020. I’ve enjoyed the benefits of its great taste, adding glow to my skin, nails that don’t stop growing and getting to know the awesome Kollo team. I tend to take the sachet as a shot, but occasionally add it to water or a protein shake.

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