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What is the best collagen powder Amazon sells?

by Olivia Coleman

What is the best collagen powder Amazon sells?

Amazon is the most popular place online to shop for pretty much anything. From common items like household appliances and clothing to more obscure items like decorative swords or film merchandise, many people choose Amazon as their first port of call when they need to find something to buy. The same is true of collagen supplements, and there are many options to choose from on that bustling online marketplace. So how do you know which collagen powder Amazon sells is the best one?

In this post, we will explore the things to look out for in the Amazon listings that give you an idea of which product might deliver the best results.

What is collagen powder?

Collagen powder is one form of collagen supplement – they are also available as liquids, tablets and even creams or balms. They are products that contain collagen peptides – animal collagen broken down into nutrient chains that are easy for our bodies to absorb – that you put into your body to stimulate and fuel the production of new collagen.

Collagen is a protein that is extremely abundant in our bodies, providing structure to tissues like skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone. In our youth, we have lots of collagen to keep these tissues in excellent condition, but our collagen levels decline as we age. This slowly leads to many of the early signs of ageing, such as:

• Dry, sagging skin
• The formation of fine lines and wrinkles
• Loss of strength and volume in hair and nails
• Pain and stiffness in joints
• Loss of bone density

People take collagen supplements to fight back against the reduction in collagen levels and slow those signs of ageing. It is a popular supplement for advocates of both the health and beauty industries, growing in popularity as knowledge of their effectiveness increases.

Is collagen powder the best type of collagen supplement?

In a word: no. Though there are many benefits to the collagen powder Amazon lists, and it is largely superior to topical creams and tablet supplements, it has some disadvantages in comparison to the liquid option. The main two are as follows:

  1. Collagen powder is kept in a large tub and the contents tend to not be evenly distributed. This means that, when you take a scoop, you may not get the same amount of collagen that you did the day before, or that you will the next day. In a liquid supplement, the formula in each serving is precise, so you know you will get the same dosage of collagen peptides every day.

  2. Collagen powder is a solid that needs to be mixed with something else to consume and broken down to access the nutrients. This means more work to take the supplement and more work for your body to digest it. Liquid collagen is supplied as a shot that you can swallow neat or dilute with water. The nutrients are ‘pre-digested’, meaning they can enter your bloodstream almost immediately after swallowing.

There is some debate over the best type of supplement, but these are the facts that influenced Kollo’s decision to choose a liquid format.

What should I look for in the collagen powder Amazon sells?

If you are familiar with Amazon listings, you will know the usual format as you examine an item. As you scroll down the page, there are some pieces of information to look out for that will give you an indication of the quality of the product.

The ‘About this item’ section

In the collagen powder Amazon listings, companies should provide a wealth of information in the ‘about this item’ section. They should give a brief overview of the product and an indication that it is clinically approved. It should list some unique selling points that differentiate it from the competition. It should not be overly salesy or make any bold claims about its effectiveness that are not backed up by the science.

The product description

This is where you should get a strong sense of the product and the brand behind it. If the company has not gone to great effort to showcase their brand and their product here, that may be a red flag. They should provide pertinent information about their product, including details of what it contains and the reasons behind those choices.

You should feel like the brand is being transparent here. Perhaps they will list some certifications, media features and/or awards they have won, or some before-and-after shots of people who have used their product. This is an opportunity for a brand to form a connection with a prospective buyer so, if the company has chosen not to do that, you should have question marks about whether they are trustworthy.

Customer questions & answers

If the product is truly popular, there should be plenty of questions being asked in this section. That is your first indicator of the amount of attention the product is getting. But the really telling thing is whether or not those questions are being answered.

When you buy a product, you need to know that the people who created it care about your needs. This is particularly true of something like a food supplement. Every customer question should be promptly and comprehensively answered – if this is not the case, it may be an indication that the brand is not concerned about customer service or satisfaction.

Customer reviews

Here is where you can really get an honest idea of the effectiveness of the product. The people who leave reviews here are verified buyers who have tried the product for themselves. For a liquid or collagen powder Amazon sells, you want the average rating to be as close to 5 stars as possible. Anything less than 4 stars is probably not worth your time as there may be an issue that many people are experiencing.

After you’ve looked at the average rating, read some actual reviews. What are people saying about the product? Are there any common pain points with it? Do the positive comments match the results you are hoping to get from the product? Everyone who tries collagen supplements has a slightly different reason for doing so and you are entitled to feel like the product you spend your hard-earned money on is going to provide the results you want.

Does it have ‘Amazon’s Choice’ status?

Amazon provides an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ badge for products that meet the highest standards. The products that achieve this status are usually highly rated, fairly priced and available for immediate shipping. On average, their products are delivered faster and returned less frequently than similar alternatives.

Look for the Amazon’s Choice badge near the top of the page – if a product has this, you can feel pretty confident that it ticks all the right boxes.

Look beyond the collagen powder Amazon listings

We are confident that Kollo ticks all of the boxes listed above, but don’t rely entirely on the Amazon listings for the information you need about a collagen supplement. If the product is good, there will be plenty of information elsewhere. You can look for independent customer review sites or third-party product reviews to get more description of the experience people have of using the product.

Another great place to look is the brand’s own website. If you explore the Kollo website, here’s what you will find that is of interest:

The ‘About’ section

In addition to a detailed story of the journey of Kollo, you will find a number of subsections containing detailed information about ingredients, benefits, allergen tests, sustainability efforts and more. We aim for maximum transparency about our product so you can feel utterly confident in the decision you make about Kollo.


In this section, we detail the results of relevant scientific research and provide links to the original studies. The aim is here to provide independent evidence of the effectiveness of collagen supplements for the kind of results our customers seek.

Before & After

Here we provide a number of case studies of people who experienced successful results from taking Kollo. The stories are genuine and inspiring, helping you to see what you could get out of Kollo as a product.


Read over 2,000 customer reviews from verified Kollo buyers, each of whom has a story to tell about their journey and the things they love about Kollo. In the interests of honesty, these are unfiltered, so if you are looking for any concerns customers have, these are in here too.


This is the place to go for in-depth information about Kollo, collagen, supplements, benefits and any questions relating to those things. We have provided a growing number of in-depth guides to answer virtually any question you could have about collagen.

Final thoughts

So here you have a guide to sorting the wheat from the chaff when scouring the collagen powder Amazon listings. We are confident you won’t find a better product than Kollo premium marine collagen liquid so we invite you to take this guide and apply it to your search.

If you still have any questions about Kollo, please feel free to head over to our contact page or get in touch through social media. We’d love to hear from you!

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