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What collagen-boosting vitamins are in Kollo and what do they do?

by Olivia Coleman

What collagen-boosting vitamins are in Kollo and what do they do?

Kollo is a powerful collagen supplement that’s based around a daily dosage of 10g premium-grade marine collagen peptides. But the advanced liquid formula contains more than just collagen. It is also packed with some of the most important collagen-boosting vitamins to further enhance its effectiveness. These vitamins are aimed at fuelling the mechanisms by which collagen is synthesised in your body, and they also offer a number of additional health benefits as well.

Read on to learn more about the vitamins in Kollo and what they do for your collagen production and other things in your body.

How is new collagen made in the body?

Collagen synthesis, or formulation of new collagen, is a multi-step process that requires a number of structures and nutrients. It occurs both within and outside of fibroblasts, which are the unique collagen-producing cells found in our connective tissues. Here is a breakdown of how it happens:

 Transcription: In the nucleus, mRNA transcribes genes that provide the ‘code’ that will later be translated to form the individual chains of amino acids that go into a collagen molecule.

 Translation: In the cytoplasm, mRNA and ribosomes translate the codes that were previously transcribed. This results in the formulation of a structure called a pre-pro-polypeptide chain.

 Post-translational processing: Within the endoplasmic reticulum, peptides at one end of the chain begin to be removed. With the help of vitamin C and enzymes, a chemical group known as hydroxyl is added to some of the peptides, and a carbohydrate is added to each of these hydroxylated peptides (they are glycosylated). The chains of amino acids are twisted together into a triple helix.

• Intracellular processing: This occurs in the Golgi apparatus – the structure is now ‘procollagen’. With a few final changes, the procollagen is used to build secretory vesicles to transport it outside the cell.

• Tropocollagen formation: Collagen peptidase enzymes remove peptides from procollagen molecules to transform it into tropocollagen.

• Synthesis of collagen fibril: Another enzyme, known as lysyl oxidase, makes the tropocollagen molecules bond together to yield the final product: a collagen fibril.

A number of other trace vitamins and minerals are used throughout these processes. Good health in the nucleus, cytoplasm, endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus are important for this process to occur efficiently. Your body also needs the right nutrients for the enzymes in the final two steps to function correctly. It was all this that led to the decisions for which collagen-boosting vitamins would be added to Kollo.

What collagen-boosting vitamins does Kollo include?

The marine collagen peptides supply the impetus of amino acids upon which the procollagen is based. But Kollo also supplies other vitamins to power the process of collagen formation. Here are the collagen-boosting vitamins in Kollo and what they do:

Vitamin C

As you can see in the previous section, vitamin C plays a key role in the production of a chemical group called hydroxyl, which is needed to help form the triple helix of procollagen. Essentially, if you are not getting enough vitamin C, your body cannot efficiently produce collagen. Vitamin C is also important for healthy skin, bones and blood vessels, and it can accelerate wound healing and provide broad protection for your cells.

It is most commonly seen in acidic fruits like strawberries or citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, but we provide 100% of your RDA in the Kollo formula to ensure you get your full daily intake to support collagen synthesis.

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) is essential for our metabolism. It is a precursor, meaning that it helps certain enzymes in the body to their jobs. It plays varied roles around the body, but it plays a particularly important role in the regeneration of collagen as there are several enzymes that are required to make it work.

Vitamin B1 is often used in combination with other B vitamins and you can get it from foods like sunflower and flax seeds, kale, asparagus, oranges, potatoes, beans, meat, nuts and eggs. In Kollo, we supply 63% of your RDA to ensure you are getting a healthy daily dose – the other 37% is likely to come from your diet. There is no upper limit to how much of this vitamin you can consume each day.

Vitamin B5

The primary role of vitamin B5, or Pantothenic Acid, is to help the body extract key nutrients from food that provide energy and power other mechanisms around the body. Studies have also shown it can help with the clearing of acne, so it is often used to treat that particular skin condition. Naturally, the absorption of nutrients from what we consume is crucial to collagen formation (and many other things) so vitamin B5 is very important.

We supply 100% of your RDA of vitamin B5 in Kollo. You can also get it from complex carbohydrates like wholegrain bread, or from the good fats like those in avocados. 

Vitamin B6

Also known as Pyroxine, the main purpose of vitamin B6 is to aid in the production and storage of proteins and carbohydrates. It is also important for the production of haemoglobin, which moves oxygen throughout the body to keep the heart functioning properly. Essentially, vitamin B6 helps ensure the nutrients you absorb get where they need to be effectively, so it is important for supplying your body with everything it needs to produce collagen, among other things.

Again, Kollo supplies 86% of your RDA of vitamin B6. Dietary sources of the vitamin include organ meats, mushrooms, nuts and seeds, dairy products, potatoes, oats and brown rice.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is known to be an extremely important nutrient for the body and, as such, it is one of the most common food supplements. It plays a key role in various internal functions, including the metabolism and the nervous system. It can also bring about improvements in the production of bone marrow and red blood cells. People trying to regulate/improve their fitness or body fat are often prescribed vitamin B12.

With its many benefits and importance for producing the red blood cells that transport nutrients around the body, we include 100% of your RDA of vitamin B12 in Kollo. You will also find it in heart-smart foods like fatty fish, eggs, dairy and also nutritional yeast, cereals and mushrooms.

Other recommended nutrients

We recommend using Kollo as part of a pro-collagen lifestyle. It is a powerful supplement that provides the collagen peptides and several key complementary nutrients, but there is more you can do to boost your collagen levels. In addition to certain lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, wearing sunscreen and reducing stress, you should try to incorporate the following collagen-boosting vitamins and minerals into your diet:

• Zinc (from tropical fruits and cashews)
• Copper (from beans and cashews)
• Sulfur (from garlic)
• Chlorophyll (from leafy greens)
• Antioxidants (from berries, tomatoes, spinach, etc.)

It is also recommended to eat a high-protein diet and try to keep sugar and refined carbohydrates to a minimum. This is because they cause inflammation and damage collagen, so they could undermine your efforts to boost your collagen levels.

Kollo: premium collagen and collagen-boosting vitamins

Kollo has been developed in line with the science to be a potent collagen supplement. Aside from the fact it contains high-quality collagen peptides and all those collagen-boosting vitamins, it also comes in a liquid formula. This ensures it is easy to take each day, it tastes great, and all those nutrients can be absorbed as quickly and easily as possible.

We really have thought of everything so that you don’t need to, and we provide a wealth of additional information on our website. We encourage you to make changes across the board to lead a pro-collagen lifestyle, and we believe there is no better supplement than Kollo to base that new lifestyle around.

Why should I choose Kollo?

• The unique formulation of collagen peptides and collagen-boosting vitamins
• A high daily dosage of 10g premium grade collagen peptides
• Liquid suspension that delivers a consistent dosage and maximum bioavailability
• The great taste from natural, sugar-free tropical flavourings
• Multi-award winning food supplement
• Informed Sport certification for superior safety and trust
• Over 2,000 5-star reviews and counting

You can learn more about our brand and product by exploring our website. You will find sections that tell you all about us, our mission and what goes into our liquid collagen supplements. There are also links to scientific studies and an extensive showcase of unedited customer reviews from verified buyers. And if you want to learn more about collagen, don’t forget to visit our blog to read articles on everything there is to know.

If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and our team will endeavour to answer them.

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