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What a marine collagen drink can do for your nails

by Olivia Coleman

What a marine collagen drink can do for your nails

There is a lot of talk in the beauty industry about the benefits a marine collagen drink, or other forms of collagen supplements, can have for your nails. There are many anecdotal stories of this happening, and there is scientific research to back it up, so there is good reason to be hopeful of the potential for collagen to strengthen your nails. Brittle nail syndrome is a common problem, particularly for women. As many as one in five women may suffer from it (as opposed to one in ten men) so it is a problem that many people are looking to solve.

In this post, we will look at the role collagen plays in nail formation and explore how collagen supplements might help. We will also look at some other good practices for nail health.

The problem of collagen decline

There are many symptoms of ageing that are associated with collagen decline. And collagen disorders are known to be linked with a number of diseases. It can lead to problems like:

• Systemic lupus erythematosus
• Systemic sclerosis
• Mixed connective tissue disease
• Dermatomyositis

Collagen, along with keratin, is the primary protein constituent of the nail bed. Studies suggest that microscopic abnormalities in the capillaries of the nails fold are commonly observed in collagen disorders. Nails require a combination of nutrients to stay healthy, and when collagen levels are low then you may experience brittle nails. This manifests in weak, splitting nails that are very dry, peel easily and never grow long, but it is more than just a cosmetic issue. Poor health in your nails is a sign that there could be other problems inside your body, so it should not be ignored. For example, white spots on the nails can be a sign of a zinc deficiency, while vertical ridges can indicate that you need more iron in your diet.

Nails are a great barometer of our internal health, so you should not ignore them. The reason collagen issues are so common is that collagen decline happens naturally with age. It is a little different for everyone, but we all start losing collagen in our bodies at a certain rate as early as our twenties, and it gets worse with age. Other factors that can make it worse include:

• Poor diet
• Exposure to sunlight
• Stress
• Smoking

Whether because you like to have strong, healthy nails for their appearance, or you are observing them as a measure of your overall health (or both), you should not ignore when things start to change in your nails.

Marine collagen drink for healthy nails

A study in 2017 found tangible benefits of collagen supplementation for brittle nail syndrome. The study involved 25 women suffering from brittle nails, and they were given 2.5 grams of collagen daily for a period of 24 weeks. The findings were that there was a 42% decrease in nails breakages and an increase of 12% for nails growth rates. 80% of the women involved reported that the collagen supplement had improved the appearance of their nails and indicated that they were highly satisfied with the results they experienced from the treatment.

The amino acid in collagen that is believed to play the biggest role in nail health is arginine. Collagen issues occur at the capillary level – those tiny blood vessels that deliver nutrients and oxygen to the tissues. Arginine produces a compound called nitric oxide that is fundamental to smooth blood flow around the body as well as carrying nutrients, and it does this very prominently around the nail roots.

Beyond this, the collagen peptides in your marine collagen drink provide the amino acids that fuel the production of new collagen to build and strengthen the extracellular matrix and provide structure to the epidermis. Good health in the epidermis, where the nail beds are located, improves the quality of pathways and metabolic processes throughout these tissues, so the processes that feed the growth of nails occur more efficiently. In a nutshell, your nail beds will function at an optimal level, growing new, healthy nail material to address the issues of brittleness you may be experiencing.

What is in a marine collagen drink?

A marine collagen drink like Kollo contains collagen peptides. In the case of Kollo, the dosage of collagen peptides is 10 grams, which research has indicated is enough to deliver the benefits for your nails as well as skin, joints, hair, bones and more. Collagen peptides are amino acid chains derived from complete collagen molecules that have been broken down via a process called hydrolysis. This is done to ensure those nutrients are easy for your body to absorb and use to stimulate and fuel the production of new collagen, among other things.

Kollo uses marine collagen, which is extracted from the skin and scales of fish. We use this collagen because it is known to be the most highly bioavailable, and also because fish collagen is exclusively type I, the most abundant form of collagen in the human body. We suspend it in liquid because this makes digestion quick and easy, and it allows us to deliver a consistent dosage with each serving supported by complementary nutrients like B vitamins, vitamin C and l-lysine.

Basically, Kollo is a marine collagen drink that delivers everything your body needs to boost your body’s collagen production and fight back against the early signs of ageing, including brittle nails.

What else can I do to improve my nail health?

As previously stated, good nail health is about providing all the nutrients they need to grow properly. Collagen is fundamental to this, and there is no better way to boost your collagen levels than through supplementation with a high-quality product like a marine collagen drink.

Other important nutrients for your nails include:


Collagen is actually a protein, so it can help on this front, but it is missing a couple of the amino acids that would make it a complete protein. As such, you should be sure to get plenty of other protein in your diet to help with the formation of keratin for your nails (this is also great for your hair). Top protein sources include chicken, eggs, fish and various plant sources like lentils, beans, seeds, chickpeas, nuts, tofu and quinoa. It is recommended to have some protein with every meal and don’t neglect the plant sources.


Zinc is a mineral that is very important for cell growth and protein synthesis. A deficiency can lead to white spots forming on the nails, and things like caffeine and alcohol can block absorption. Good food sources of zinc include nuts, seafood, beans, seeds, mushrooms, lean meat and cocoa. You could also consider taking a zinc supplement if you are really worried about getting the necessary amount.


Iron deficiencies are commonly connected with brittle nails. Combat this by including plenty of dark green leafy vegetables in your diet – think kale and spinach. Also consume plenty of fish, seeds, beans and small amounts of red meat. Vitamin C helps you to absorb more iron, and Kollo actually supplies 100% of our recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.


This is a lesser-known B vitamin that has been shown to strengthen brittle nails. Few food sources contain it, but you can get it from peanuts, eggs, Swiss chard and certain leafy greens and wholegrains.

Lifestyle elements of good nail health

The following things should be considered when trying to promote good health in your nails:

• Nutrient-depleting foods and drinks are not helpful. These include alcohol, tea and coffee, so avoid drinking these things with meals.

• Harsh nail treatments like acrylic nails can be detrimental to nail health. Nail-strengthening products can protect vulnerable nails and you should always use acetone-free nail polish remover.

• Cortisol, caused by stress, can lead to nail problems over time.

• Exercise can boost circulation to deliver more nutrients for healthy nail growth.

Kollo marine collagen drink for nail health

As you can see from the information in this post, people who suffer from brittle nails need to boost their collagen levels as part of the process to improve nail health. Our marine collagen drink is an easy way to bring a collagen supplement into your daily routine, and it also happens to be one of the best products on the market. We have won numerous awards since launching in 2020, receiving over 2,000 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. We have also been featured on ITV This Morning and earned Informed Sport certification and ‘Amazon’s Choice’ status.

If you want to learn more about Kollo, please look at the customer reviews on our website. You can also explore the blog section for lots of information about collagen and what makes Kollo tick. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and our team will be on hand to answer them.

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