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Top tips for healthy nails

by Natasha Whiting

Top tips for healthy nails

Some beauty goals can take months to achieve but the great news for nails is that they can look healthy in just a few weeks. Here are some top tips for giving your nail some TLC and achieve healthy-looking nails at home.

1. Crucial collagen

Collagen is a crucial element found in the bed of the nails and therefore vital for their health and strength. With this in mind, it's important to eat foods rich in collagen such as bone broth or take a quick and easy collagen supplement.

2. Cuticle care

There's no doubt about it, healthy cuticles give you healthy nails. The nails start to grow below the cuticle so it's essential to give this area some attention in order for the nails to come through strong and in good condition. Rather than trimming them, moisturise for the best results.

3. Filing finesse

Filing nails can cause damage to them so make sure you file them correctly by starting at the outside edge and pulling towards the centre. Going back and forth creates tension which can ultimately fray the edges and cause them to snag.

4. All about the base

Base coats exist for a reason - and a good one. They will help to hydrate and strengthen the nails before you apply polish or gel. Base coats usually contain peptide, a keratin protein which helps to strengthen nails.

5. Balanced diet

Just as diet is vital for the health of our skin and hair, it is also essential for the health of our nails. Proteins such as meat and broccoli, zinc found in green beans and shellfish and iron found in kale and green leafy vegetables are all beneficial.

6. Supplement

Nails can be one of the first places to reveal signs of a vitamin deficiency, for example when they become brittle. A collagen supplement such as the one from Kollo is the ideal way to strengthen not just your nails but your hair and your overall quality of life.

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