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Top benefits of marine collagen for women in their twenties

by Natasha Whiting

Top benefits of marine collagen for women in their twenties

You might associate marine collagen supplements with their anti-ageing properties and their ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but that doesn’t mean taking them is reserved for a certain age group. In fact, women in their twenties can get just as many health benefits from collagen supplements.

Helping your thyroid

Did you know liquid collagen can help improve the normal function of your thyroid? Women are more likely than men to develop a thyroid problem, particularly in their most fertile years. A collagen supplement could help balance out your hormone levels through its support of the liver, as well as reducing some cortisol levels in the body.

Helping your bones

As it gets to work throughout the body, collagen can help improve the density of your bones and joints by strengthening the tissue of the bone. Though plenty of other nutrients help keep our bones strong, studies have shown that collagen actively toughens the bone over time.

Reducing the appearance of stretch marks

Most of us have stretch marks, caused by the sudden stretching of the skin across the body, and collagen can help reduce their appearance on your skin. Collagen helps your skin to retain moisture and improve its elasticity, allowing it to repair itself quicker and strengthen its general structure. Ultimately, it reduces the appearance of stretch marks and prevents them from worsening further.

Hair, skin, nails

The body’s natural collagen levels actually start to decrease during our twenties, so if we want to keep our skin glowing and youthful, our hair healthy and strong and our nails from breaking, a collagen supplement is just the thing we need. Not only does collagen help the skin to stay hydrated, filling in fine lines and getting rid of dark circles, but it can also encourage your skin and hair to grow thicker and longer too!

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