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Reasons you might need to take collagen

by Natasha Whiting

Collagen is the most important protein in our bodies. It helps with building strong bones, skin, muscles, and tendons. Not having enough collagen can cause premature ageing and injury.

Too much sugar or refined carbs in your diet

Sugar ( gets in the way of the creation of collagen, so if you eat too much of it, that could be bad news for your natural collagen store. It's best to cut down on sugar and refined carbs, but you could also take a collagen supplement to restore collagen levels.

A lifestyle with too much UV

Getting too much ultraviolet radiation, whether that is from sunbathing or sunbeds, is not only dangerous because it can cause skin cancer ( UV radiation can also cause collagen levels to be depleted. Somebody who has had too much UV exposure may have sagging, non-elastic skin - this is because they have reduced collagen levels.


The chemicals in tobacco ( reduce natural levels of collagen, which like UV exposure, reduces the elasticity of the skin. Again, if you smoke, you should think about quitting entirely - but collagen supplements will help you boost the levels that smoking has depleted.

After going through the menopause

Women who have gone through the menopause typically have a lot less collagen than women who haven't yet; this is because the body stops making it at this age. Most women who have gone through the menopause opt to take collagen supplements to combat this.

Having certain health conditions

Some health conditions result in people having less collagen in their body. People with these health conditions may find it beneficial to take collagen supplements - however, they should consult with their doctor first.

Wanting to take more vitamins

As well as collagen, our Kollo supplements can be used as a handy multivitamin - our supplements contain B and C vitamins, as well as essential amino acids. Anyone wanting to strengthen their immune system and take more vitamins could benefit from taking Kollo!

Cosmetic reasons

There are also cosmetic reasons for taking Kollo, including combatting acne, supporting hair growth, and dealing with stretch marks.

Whatever your reason for taking it is, Kollo is an excellent supplement to add to your daily routine.
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