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Premium Marine Collagen Peptides

by Olivia Coleman

How to spot PREMIUM marine collagen peptides

There are many collagen supplements that contain marine collagen peptides. This refers to collagen content that is derived from fish, mainly the skin and scales but sometimes the bones as well. Marine collagen is popular because research has shown it to be the most bioavailable form of collagen and its molecular structure is very similar to that in human bodies. What’s more, it is almost exclusively type I collagen, which is the most abundant type of collagen in the skin, bones and connective tissues of humans. But not all marine collagen is equal, so how do you spot premium marine collagen peptides?

In this post, we will take a look at the things that have an impact on the quality, integrity and purity of marine collagen so you can be sure you are getting the best marine collagen peptides available.

First consideration: the source

Marine collagen always comes from fish, but there are many different types of fish that come from various different places. The first consideration at this point is the fish species that the collagen comes from, and the main issue is the sustainability of the fish. The most common sources of fish collagen are tilapia and pangasius hypophthalmus, which are known to be very sustainable sources, so look out for this.

Please note that collagen is actually a by-product of these animals being fished for their meat. The fish are not sought purely for their collagen, and the collagen comes from parts of the fish that would otherwise be discarded as they are not popular as food. This way, the collagen industry is actually a very sustainable practice by definition.

Other source considerations for premium marine collagen peptides

When thinking about the source of the collagen, you also need to consider the life of the animals involved. Fish are either farmed or caught in the wild. With wild-caught fish, there is no telling what sort of pollutants or toxins they may have been exposed to in the open water. With farmed fish, you need to be mindful of how much the animals are exposed to hormones, growth agents, antibiotics and GMO foods, as all of these can cause a build-up of toxins in the body. Consuming collagen that is contaminated with these things could actually be harmful for your body in the long-term.

Instead, look for products that are very transparent about the lifecycle of the fish. Kollo, for example, uses Naticol marine collagen. This comes from aquaculture-farmed fish, where the emphasis is on sustainability and minimising the use of those harmful chemicals in order to preserve the purity and integrity of the meat and collagen.

Second consideration: the processing

Once you have found a collagen product that ticks the right boxes for the source of the marine collagen, you need to move on to exploring how they process that collagen. First, the collagen has to be extracted from the fish. In some cases, this is done using acids and other chemicals to break everything down and isolate the collagen, but this carries a risk of toxic contamination or of harming the integrity of the collagen itself. An enzymatic process of collagen extraction is far safer and more likely to ensure you get premium marine collagen peptides from the process. You should also think about the storage of the collagen product – is it irradiated? How is it sterilised and pasteurised? What about filtration, UF and demineralisation?

The Naticol marine collagen in Kollo is enzymatically extracted and processed with validated and safe methods with no irradiation. Everything is in full compliance with the latest food and pharmaceutical regulations with a secure, traceable supply chain. The producer makes every effort to protect the integrity and purity of the collagen to ensure the best possible end product.

Turning pure collagen into premium marine collagen peptides

The other consideration with regards to processing is the method of breaking down the collagen into collagen peptides. This is done because collagen peptides are far smaller molecules than the complete ones, making it a lot easier for our bodies to absorb them and use the nutrients to experience all the benefits we want from our supplement. So it is an important process but, again, it can impact the purity and integrity of those all-important nutrients.

The process is called hydrolysis, and it involves a combination of water and either chemicals or enzymes to unravel the triple helix of the collagen in smaller chains of amino acids. The key is that the chemical version uses acid which, in some cases, may harm or even contaminate the resulting collagen peptides. If you want maximum assurance of the quality, purity and integrity of your hydrolysed collagen, you should look for products that are made using the enzymatic version of hydrolysis – such as the Naticol collagen in Kollo.

Third consideration: the final product

Once you are assured that the product you are looking at contains premium marine collagen peptides from a source that is traceable, you still have one thing to consider. That is the way that nutritional content is delivered into your body. You want a good dosage of the active ingredient, fortified with complementary nutrients that will help your body use that ingredient, presented in a way that is easy to add to your daily routine and ensures maximum bioavailability to your body.

The dosage

Scientific research has shown that collagen supplementation with a high-quality product can yield the following benefits:

  • Improved elasticity and hydration of the skin

  • A reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improvements in the health and volume of hair and nails

  • Increased energy levels and more high-quality sleep

  • Restoration of bone density

  • Gains in lean muscle mass

  • Improved health in tendons, ligaments and cartilage to reduce joint pain

  • Better health in the gut and organs

  • Stronger arterial walls

The research has indicated that these benefits require different daily dosages of hydrolysed collagen and take varying amounts of time to be experienced. Kollo has pooled all the research and landed on a daily dosage of 10,000mg (10 grams) of premium marine collagen peptides to deliver on the broadest set of these benefits. You can learn more by visiting the section of our website about clinical studies.

Complementary nutrients

Collagen is a protein composed of a number of amino acids. Among these amino acids, it is the glycine, proline and hydroxyproline that are most instrumental in helping with collagen production, and they are available in abundance to stimulate and fuel new collagen synthesis. But the mechanisms by which collagen is synthesised, stored and maintained require nurturing too, and it takes various B vitamins, vitamin C and l-lysine to support this.

We have added 100% of your RDA of vitamin C into the Kollo formula. We also provide 100% of your RDA of vitamin B12, along with 70% of your B1, B5 and B6, all of which helps with collagen formation. We also include that aforementioned l-lysine to help promote collagen growth even further. The mix of nutrients in Kollo will deliver various benefits to your health and wellness on top of collagen formulation, helping you feel your best at all times.

The supplement type

This is the final piece of the puzzle for premium marine collagen peptides. Collagen supplements tend to come in liquid, powder or tablet form, and we have chosen liquid as our medium. We made this choice because it guarantees a consistent dosage most effectively, is very easy to add to your daily routine and provides maximum bioavailability for the nutrients within. Simply empty a sachet into a glass of water, stir and drink and you will get 10 grams of high-quality marine collagen along with all the additional nutrients with the added bonus of a delicious tropical taste. With no solids to break down, those nutrients will start entering your bloodstream immediately to deliver the fuel for collagen synthesis in your body.

Kollo has won numerous awards and over 2,000 5-star reviews from verified buyers. We are Informed Sport certified as a further indication of the quality of our product. We also emphasise sustainability, using minimal plastic and ensuring everything is fully recyclable to minimise our impact on the planet. We have thought of everything to provide the best possible product for our customers – we invite you to try and see for yourself!

Final thoughts

Kollo ticks every box outlined in this article, so we fit the bill for truly PREMIUM marine collagen peptides. Please explore our website to learn more – our customer reviews are very illuminating and we have a very informative blog section where you can read up on Kollo and everything else collagen-related.

If you still have any questions, you can put them to our team via the contact section and we will answer them. We’d love to hear from you!

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