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How to get better hair - naturally!

by Natasha Whiting

If you've been to the hairdressers hundreds of times, tried every straightener, curling tong, and expensive hair product in the book, but are still not happy with the way that your hair sits, this post is for you. There are actually some great ways to give yourself better hair that don't involve any kind of chemical or technology.

Here are some ideas on how to get better hair naturally.

Avoid straighteners and tongs

We know, it's a scary thought. But these heated technologies damage your hair, giving you split ends and generally making your hair look less bouncy and vivacious. Try to give yourself some time out from heat - and only use them on special occasions.

Try a collagen supplement

Collagen is amazing for your hair. Marine collagen for hair helps to give users a healthy scalp, which is a significant part of maintaining thick, luscious locks. It also helps to build keratin levels, which are essential for great hear, and can even protect against grey hairs. Kollo is the best collagen supplement - check out our range here.

Eat more protein

Your hair is made up of mainly protein, so be sure to get your daily allowance each day. Most people would struggle to be deficient in protein (even vegetarians and vegans) because it is in a lot of staple foods. However, make sure that your diet includes some of the following: beans, nuts, pulses, soy products including tofu, leafy green vegetables, eggs, dairy, meat and fish.

Eat omega 3

Omega 3 can improve your scalp health, which can in turn give you fantastic hair. Take a supplement to make sure that you get the required amount of omega 3, or try to eat oily fish, flaxseed, cereals, and cottage cheese to hit your required omega 3 dose.

Take some zinc

Zinc is another mineral that is useful for preventing hair shedding. Nuts, like Brazil nuts, cashews, pecans and walnuts, are great sources of zinc.

There are plenty of natural ways that you can get a better barnet. Try adding some of these supplements to your diet and notice the difference!
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