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How does Kollo stimulate collagen production?

by Olivia Coleman

How does Kollo stimulate collagen production?

Kollo is a leading collagen supplement that uses premium grade marine collagen peptides to stimulate collagen production. Boosting the levels of this important structural protein in your body can improve the health and appearance of your skin, hair and nails. It can also bring about improvements in joint comfort, bone mass and various other areas of the body. For this reason, collagen supplements have become an important trend in both the beauty and wellness industries, and Kollo is emerging as a popular choice for discerning buyers.

But how does Kollo stimulate collagen production and what makes it stand out from the crowd? Take a deep dive with us.

The role of collagen in our bodies

Collagen is a protein that is almost everywhere in our bodies. It provides a firm yet supple structure to our connective tissues, performing a glue-like role to keep those tissues in check. It also facilitates good hydration for those tissues as it holds moisture that feeds the cells. In a nutshell, it is vital for the optimal functioning of many areas of the body, including:

• Skin
• Bones
• Cartilage, tendons and ligaments
• The gut
• The arterial system
• The teeth

Our bodies produce collagen from nutrients and, when we are young, we do it very efficiently. There are things in our bodies, and our lifestyles, that destroy collagen in the body, but we have the mechanisms to replace lost collagen and maintain good health in our connective tissues.

The dreaded collagen decline

Unfortunately, as we get older, collagen levels decrease at a faster rate and our ability to replace that lost collagen diminishes. This actually starts sooner than you might think – we begin losing our overall collagen levels as early as our twenties. The problem gets worse with age and, by the time we reach midlife, we begin to start showing the early signs of ageing.

These include:

• Sagging skin
• The development of fine lines and wrinkles
• Pain and swelling in our joints
• Thinning hair and nails
• Loss of bone density

Essentially, many of the undesirable physical things about ‘getting older’ are caused by our shrinking collagen levels. They can lead to discomfort, loss of confidence and can even develop into health conditions like osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. The problem is made worse by certain behaviours. Things like excessive sunlight exposure, poor diet, smoking and high levels of stress can all damage our collagen and cause us to age faster.

So how does Kollo stimulate collagen production to counter this?

The good news is that we don’t have to merely accept these early signs of ageing in our bodies. They will catch up to us eventually, but you can delay it by helping your body to produce more collagen. Supplements like Kollo are the answer, helping to stimulate collagen production in greater quantities so that you are able to replenish those diminishing collagen levels more effectively.

The key to this is the collagen peptides in Kollo. As a marine collagen supplement, that all-important protein is extracted from the skin and scales of fish. In its pure form, this is called ‘undenatured’ collagen, meaning the complete collagen molecules are unchanged from their original structure. This takes the form of a triple helix of amino acid chains wrapped around one another for a very high molecular weight. The problem with this is that our bodies need those amino acids to stimulate collagen production, but in this complex structure it can be difficult to break down the molecule and access the underlying nutrients.

This problem is solved by a process called hydrolysis. Using a combination of water and certain enzymes, the undenatured collagen is broken down into separate amino acid chains with a far smaller molecular weight. These are called collagen peptides, or hydrolysed collagen, and they are extremely bioavailable. This means it is easy for your body to digest them and absorb the nutrients that are so important for stimulating and maintaining the production of new, endogenous collagen.

What do our bodies need most from collagen peptides?

For the purpose of collagen production, the most important amino acids in collagen peptides are glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. You can obtain these amino acids from other foods, but not in the abundance that they are available in a collagen supplement. They are the fuel and the building blocks of collagen production in the body, so it is important that they are extremely bioavailable and have high levels of purity and integrity.

Kollo is designed to maximise the effectiveness of its collagen peptides. For a start, the key active ingredient is sourced from fish and research has indicated that fish collagen is the most bioavailable animal collagen you can get. Its molecular structure is also very similar to that of humans, and it is composed of type I collagen, which is the most abundant form of collagen in the human body. This all adds up to nutrients that are ideal for our bodies to work with. Other benefits of Kollo in terms of the collagen uptake include:

• We use Naticol collagen, which is highly sustainable and developed to maintain the purity and integrity of the product. The supply chain is very transparent so you can see how they emphasise quality at every stage.

• We suspend the collagen peptides in a liquid formula so your body doesn’t have to break down any solids to access the nutrients. Essentially, it is ‘pre-digested’, so collagen production starts very quickly.

• We supply a daily dosage of 10 grams which the current research has indicated is enough to deliver on the full range of benefits you can get from collagen. Visit the ‘Studies’ section of our website to learn more.

So, with Kollo, you get the most high-quality collagen peptides available in a high daily dosage. It is the most bioavailable form of hydrolysed collagen, further enhanced by the liquid suspension so your body can absorb the amino acids quickly and efficiently.

How else does Kollo stimulate collagen production?

Collagen production in the body is about more than just supplying the amino acids that provide the fuel. The mechanisms in the body by which collagen is produced also require nutrients to keep them active and efficient. When developing Kollo, we looked at the most important additional nutrients to boost the efficacy of the collagen stimulation and decided to add the following nutrients to our liquid formula:

• Vitamins B1, B5, B6 and B12
• Vitamin C
• L-lysine

These nutrients add more punch to the effectiveness of our serum so you will experience the maximum benefit for your collagen levels. If you head over to the ‘Reviews’ section of our website, you will be able to read the stories of thousands of verified buyers who have lots to share about their Kollo journeys. It’s a fantastic confirmation of the effectiveness of Kollo for a wide range of benefits in people’s bodies and something we as a team are immensely proud of.

With Kollo, we aimed to make people’s lives better, so nothing is more satisfying to us than seeing people sharing their positive experiences of using our supplement.

How to make the most of Kollo

To maximise the benefits you get from Kollo, we advise taking our supplement every single day. It’s a long-term habit that you need to develop – it can take a few weeks to experience the benefits for your skin and 6-12 months for the benefits to your bones to materialise. For these benefits to remain, you need to continue taking Kollo long-term.

You can further enhance the effects by making a few changes to your lifestyle. First, you want to reduce the rate at which collagen is being damaged in your body.

• Limit sunlight exposure and wear sunscreen when out and about.
• Cut down on your consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates.
• Quit smoking.
• Reduce your alcohol consumption.
• Try to lower your stress levels and get plenty of high-quality sleep.

These changes will slow the rate at which collagen levels in your body deplete. You can then take action to strengthen your collagen and further enhance the rate at which new collagen is produced:

• Do weight-breaking exercise regularly.
• Eat a healthy, balanced diet to get the full range of nutrients into your body.

Kollo: the powerful tool to stimulate collagen production

If you need further evidence of the power of Kollo, look no further than what we have achieved in a few short years. We have won multiple awards from various different sources and been featured on the likes of Women’s Running magazine and ITV This Morning. We have received over 2,000 5-star reviews from verified buyers. We earned Informed Sport certification and were selected by Amazon as an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ product.

We aim for maximum transparency, so we invite you to learn more about Kollo by exploring our website. You will find detailed information about the product, links to scientific studies, full, unedited customer reviews and a highly informative blog section. If you still have questions, you can get in touch and our team will endeavour to answer them to your satisfaction.

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