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How collagen can relieve joint pain

by Olivia Coleman

How collagen can relieve joint pain

The older you get, you might find that you're more prone to aches and pains surrounding your joints. This pain can range from mild to severe, with an impact on your everyday life. Typically joint pain is the result of a lack of collagen being produced in the body, this is a common occurrence for a lot of people of older age. In an attempt to combat this, many turn to ingesting collagen supplements to alleviate pains within their joints. So how does collagen really help your joints? In this blog post, we dive into all things collagen and how to relieve joint pain naturally with daily supplements from Kollo Health.

What is collagen?

Your body creates a protein called collagen throughout your entire lifetime in varying degrees. This collagen is made up of 5 different types: type I collagen, type II collagen, type III collagen, type V collagen and type X collagen. This protein works to support your overall skin, bone and joint health. As humans get older, the production of collagen drops significantly year by year. From around your late twenties onwards, it can be beneficial to supplement this lost collagen to not only support joint health but also to take a preventative step to ease damage or pain in later life.

How collagen can relieve joint pain

Collagen production contributes to the formation of our bones and cartilage. This means collagen also helps to give our joints freedom of movement and prevents stiffness and pain. When collagen production drops, people can be prone to more joint complaints, and in some cases, severe daily pain. Through taking a daily collagen supplement, like our Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen consumers reported a noticeable decrease in joint pain when taken daily for four weeks. Collagen supplements are effective when taken as a preventative measure in your early years, but can also work for those who are older or past middle age. Take an important step to free yourself from chronic joint pain with a little help from Kollo Health.

Rid yourself from joint pain with Kollo Health

One of the main aims of our liquid collagen supplement is to help those suffering from regular joint complaints and pain. This daily supplement frees you from relying on constantly taking prescription medications and can also help your symptoms from worsening and becoming a lifelong medical issue. Our liquid supplement boasts marine collagen as its main ingredient. This matches the protein our bodies naturally make almost exactly. Kollo Health supplements help to strengthen cartilage as collagen is a key component of articular cartilage, which is the tissues at the ends of bones and joints that allows them to move smoothly against each other.

Looking for freedom from chronic joint pain? On the Kollo Health website, you can find out all you need to know about the Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement and try it for yourself. Embrace Kollo Health and make joint pain a thing of the past.

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