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How can marine collagen stop acne in its tracks?

by Natasha Whiting

How can marine collagen stop acne in its tracks?

It’s no secret that there is a direct link between marine collagen and fading acne. Even for the most extreme acne sufferers, there is some evidence to suggest that by incorporating marine collagen into your daily skincare routine, you are on course for some magical results. To show you what we’re on about, at Kollo, we have compiled this small blog post detailing how marine collagen can stop acne in its tracks.

What is marine collagen?

To be able to truly understand the benefits of marine collagen, you must know what it is. Marine collagen is a supplement that fits right into your diet. It is made by extracting the collagen out of fish skin, scales, and bones. Sounds gross, right? But this mixture is infamous for its high levels of amino acid proteins, which has endless benefits for both the body and the skin.

How can marine collagen stop acne in its tracks?

Marine collagen rehydrates the skin

For those who suffer from dry skin conditions such as eczema (where the skin breaks and cracks), marine collagen can be a lifesaver. It rehydrates the skin, and this is what inadvertently stops acne. This is because, when the skin is dry, the sebaceous gland goes into overdrive. They create and secrete oil in an attempt to hydrate the face, yet it is an abundance of this oil that causes spots to pop up.

Marine collagen helps remove acne scars

For crater-like acne scars, quite intensive treatments such as microneedling are used by dermatologists. Collagen is used to support this as it helps moisturise the skin as it heals from this process. Not only does it help to remove acne scars, but it also helps with hyperpigmentation issues and fills in fine lines.

Marine collagen balances out inflammation

Inflamed skin can often be a precursor for acne. Marine collagen works to neutralise skin so that acne is stopped in its tracks. Skin is left looking beautiful and feeling rejuvenated.

For more information on how marine collagen can stop acne, get in touch with the team at Kollo today.
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