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Will face cream with collagen help my beauty routine?

by Olivia Coleman

Will a face cream with collagen help my new beauty routine?

If you are undergoing a new skincare routine, products for your face are a no-brainer. Looking after your skin involves several key steps and protecting your collagen is important. So you might think that a face cream with collagen is an obvious choice. But will this actually help you build up collagen in your face?

The answer to this is a little complicated. To help you see why, we will go over what collagen is and how supplements work. At Kollo, we advocate for external skincare as part of a pro-collagen lifestyle. Read on to learn more.

What does collagen do for my skin?

To make a success of your new commitment to skincare, you need to understand about collagen. It is a protein that is very abundant throughout tissues in the body. Our skin relies on collagen to give it structure and firmness. It allows our skin to have elasticity and retain its shape. It also makes up the extracellular matrix, organising, nourishing and hydrating skin cells. Essentially, collagen is crucial for the health and youthful appearance of skin.

Unfortunately, due to age and a number of other external factors, collagen decreases. When we are young, we are awash with collagen in our skin. This is why we look vibrant and healthy, with no wrinkles or sagging skin. But from our mid-twenties onwards, the decline begins. As collagen in our skin reduces, we develop fine lines and wrinkles. Our skin loses hydration and the vibrant colour loses its lustre. Certain areas of skin start to sag and issues like eczema can become even more problematic.

Aside from age, the main things that damage our collagen are:

  • Exposure to sunlight

  • Smoking

  • Excessive sugar and refined carbohydrates

  • Stress

  • Poor diet

The importance of skincare

If you are starting a new beauty or skincare routine, it's likely you have done some research. Many sources will advise you to make improvements to your diet or to always wear sunscreen when you go out. Did you know that this is all about protecting your collagen and promoting new collagen production?

UV light from the sun is very harmful to skin collagen. Even on a cloudy day, the sun's rays are damaging. We are all aware of the risks of skin cancer from UV light, but the damage to our collagen is happening all the time.

Consequently, sunscreen is important. Many moisturisers and facial creams contain sun protection. But would a face cream with collagen be a good way to help build collagen in your face? Let's look at what that question actually involves.

Would a face cream with collagen help my skin?

If the question is whether a face cream with collagen will help build collagen in your face, the answer is simple: no. There are cosmetic procedures that involve injecting collagen into the face for a temporary collagen boost. This instantly adds new collagen to the skin, but a face cream cannot do the same thing.

The body needs to produce its own collagen. To do this, it needs the amino acids that are abundant in animal collagen. By adding animal collagen to a face cream, some manufacturers claim your body can absorb those nutrients to make new collagen. But the reality is that collagen molecules, even when broken down into peptides, are too large to absorb through the skin. Instead, that collagen will simply remain on the surface of the skin - it does nothing for your skincare efforts.

So is a face cream with collagen completely useless?

Not necessarily - any collagen or collagen peptides in the formula are a waste. But topical products like face cream with collagen can still be beneficial for your collagen levels. This is because they will contain various other things that can help.

Moisturising creams will hydrate the skin, which is important for health and vibrancy. They are also likely to include UV protection, which is very important for shielding your collagen. Other ingredients to look our for include:

  • Vitamin C: this is essential for collagen production. You need it in your diet, but your body can also absorb it topically. It will make your collagen more robust and resistant to environmental damage. By strengthening the collagen fibres, it could even make your skin appear more tight and toned.

  • DMAE: this organic compound has shown a number of anti-ageing benefits. One of these is increasing the thickness of collagen fibres. Making your collagen more resilient can improve its effectiveness and reduce its decline.

  • MSM: rich in sulfur, this compound has shown itself to be great at protecting collagen. Sulfur is a building block of collagen and MSM is emerging as an important part of a good skincare routine.

  • Hyaluronic acid: this is an important molecule for retaining moisture in the skin. Your body can absorb it topically and it helps keep skin cells and the extracellular matrix healthy.

As you can see, many of the ingredients of a face cream with collagen can be very helpful. But the collagen component is useless and can actually make the product more expensive than it needs to be. A good face cream is an important part of a pro-collagen lifestyle, but don't bother with those that contain collagen. Instead, look for products containing the things listed above (and more) to protect your collagen and improve your skin health.

So face cream with collagen is a no - what else can boost my collagen?

An oral collagen supplement is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal for boosting collagen. But it needs to be a good quality one. These supplements contain the same collagen peptides that face cream with collagen does, but there's a difference. Our digestive systems can actually absorb these molecules, unlike our skin. So the amino acids contained within get into the bloodstream to stimulate and fuel collagen production.

For skin, you need a dosage of 2-5g per day of high-quality collagen peptides. That collagen needs to be highly bioavailable so that your body can absorb it quickly and easily. In 6-8 weeks, the benefits to your skin can start to materialise. Long-term use can bring about very tangible anti-ageing benefits for skin, as well as joints, bones and more.

Kollo stands out from the crowd

There are many oral collagen supplements on the market but Kollo is a frontrunner. There are several factors of our product that separate it from the rest:

  • We use premium-grade marine collagen. High purity and maximum bioavailability define our collagen.

  • We supply a consistent daily dose of 10g of collagen, which is very high.

  • The liquid suspension further enhances the bioavailability of the active ingredient.

  • By fortifying Kollo with B vitamins, vitamin C and l-lysine, its collagen-boosting power is further enhanced.

  • Easily incorporate Kollo into your daily routine. Empty a sachet into a glass of water and drink, and the tropical flavour is tasty and sugar-free.

Since coming to market in 2020, Kollo has received numerous awards and earned Informed Sport certification. Having sold over a million doses, our success stories are many. There are more than 2,000 5-star reviews of Kollo from verified buyers - we share most of them on our website.

Amazon lists Kollo as an 'Amazon's Choice' product and our ambassadors come from all walks of life. When it comes to pro-collagen skincare, our supplement is a must-have. If you are starting a new beauty regimen, forget the face cream with collagen. Explore Kollo and we are confident you will want to give it a try.

What else is important for a pro-collagen lifestyle?

A pro-collagen lifestyle is all about protecting the collagen you have and promoting the production of new collagen. We have talked about taking a high-quality collagen supplement like Kollo. We have also gone over the benefits of using good skincare creams. Further enhance your skincare routines by exfoliating and cleansing your skin regularly.

To protect your existing collagen, you should:
  • Wear sunscreen every day

  • Quit smoking

  • Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates

  • Reduce your stress levels

In addition to taking Kollo, you can increase your collagen production by:
  • Eating lots of foods rich in protein, B vitamins, vitamin C, copper, zinc, antioxidants and chlorophyll

  • Exercise regularly, including weight-bearing exercise

  • Drink lots of water

  • Get 7-8 hours sleep every night

Protecting and boosting your collagen is a holistic practice, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Kollo will provide the foundation, supplying you with a consistent daily fuel for collagen production. Everything else you do supports this work, so it doesn't matter if things lapse occasionally.

Learn more

The reality is that face creams with collagen are a bit misleading. Collagen is such a buzzword in health and beauty that some companies use it to lure consumers. Educate yourself on collagen and how our bodies use it before buying products.

The Kollo website is a goldmine of information about collagen. Explore our blog to learn virtually everything there is to know. If you still have questions, you can reach our team via the contact page on our website. We would love to hear from you!

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