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Could marine collagen help with menopause symptoms?

by Natasha Whiting

Menopause affects every woman differently, and many women really suffer from severe menopause symptoms that can disrupt their daily lives. Symptoms like hot flushes, insomnia, hair loss, tiredness and bloating can be hard to cope with, so a natural supplement is a good idea. If you are looking for a natural remedy that can help combat some of these menopause symptoms, you should consider Kollo Liquid Collagen. Kollo health is the best collagen supplement, made with high-quality marine collagen for menopause.

Symptoms of menopause

Hot flushes are one of the most common symptoms of menopause, affecting around 75% of women. A collagen supplement like Kollo can help to ease these symptoms, allowing you to feel more in control. Made from premium marine collagen, it's also completely natural. Many women suffer from insomnia due to the menopause and hot flushes can be a big part of this. Taking a collagen supplement can also help you have better sleep too!

How collagen can help

A liquid collagen supplement can also help with bloating, another common symptom that comes with the menopause. Collagen can help to improve and balance gut health which means bloating can be reduced. Adding marine collagen to your diet can improve your digestive health with amino acids, reducing discomfort and swelling.

As the amount of oestrogen in a women's body drops, many women notice their hair getting thinner or even falling out, which can be distressing and hard to cope with. Marine collagen is proven to help strengthen hair follicles and make your hair feel luscious and healthy. If you are struggling with menopausal hair loss, Kollo premium liquid collagen supplement can help hair appear thicker and healthier which is a great confidence boost.

Shop Kollo today

There are so many symptoms of menopause, and every woman is different, but if you're struggling from bloating, hot flushes, hair loss, tiredness or dull skin, Kollo's marine collagen supplement can really help. It's a natural remedy, which has proven results, and each sachet is also packed with vitamins including vitamins B and C. Because Kollo is designed to improve whole-body health, you'll feel more refreshed and ready to face the day. Shop our premium collagen supplements for menopause now.
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