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Can collagen help your mental wellbeing?

by Natasha Whiting

Can collagen help your mental wellbeing?

Collagen is most closely associated with the plethora of physical health benefits that it offers, such as improved skin, shinier, healthier-looking hair and reduced joint pain. However, there are also reports that among the health benefits of marine collagen, it could actually contribute to a healthier brain and improved mental health.

So, is it possible for collagen to help your mental wellbeing?

Improvements in cognitive functioning

Taking a daily supplement of marine collagen could improve the overall health of your brain. <a href="">Studies have also shown</a> that collagen can improve cognitive functioning. This means that collagen could improve your ability to perform basic tasks such as thinking, learning, memorising, solving problems, making decisions and focusing.

Improved mood

Collagen has often been found to display benefits of improved mood. Feeling better and happier is a boost for mental wellbeing. In today's climate, many people are experiencing lower moods. COVID-19 has caused a decline in mental health and this is deeply affecting a substantial portion of the population. Collagen supplements could have a significant effect on helping to improve the mental health of the nation.

Better quality of sleep

Many fans of collagen supplements report better quality of sleep when taking their collagen. Collagen is rich in glycine and this essential amino acid has been shown to reduce core body temperature and inhibit muscle activity during REM sleep. Therefore, it could allow you to sleep better and wake up feelingly significantly more refreshed.

How long does it take for collagen supplements to work?

Many reports indicate that it could take between four and six weeks to start to see and feel the benefits of collagen, so this is a long term solution. The best way you can get more collagen is to take a daily supplement of marine collagen. Not only could it improve your mental health, but it also delivers a myriad of other benefits, allowing you to look great, as well as feel great. Of course, looking good and feeling confident is also a boost for mental health too!

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