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Big news! Kollo has won Best in Test for Nutrition in Women’s Running Magazine!!

by Natasha Whiting

Big news! Kollo has won Best in Test for Nutrition in Women’s Running Magazine!!

We are extremely excited to have won this award, coming top with a whopping 5-star rating from the magazine’s tester Esther. Here is what she had to say about our fabulous product:

“Jenni Falconer’s latest project is sent to me in the sort of high-end packaging you’d expect expensive make-up to arrive in. And because I always judge a book by its cover, that is the first tick from me. collagen has been touted as a miracle supplement for runners, topping up strength in our bones and ligaments, and reducing our chances of injury. The Brucey Bonus is that collagen is found in hair, skin and nails too, so a side effect is a shiny mane and unbreakable talons. I tried Kollo, containing a whopping 10g of premium liquid collagen, for a month, and I think you need a good three months to see the results, but I can tell you this; almost unbelievably for a marine-derived collagen, it tastes great (it’s a gel you dilute in water), like a tropical drink. And after four weeks, I can certainly attest to no injuries and strong nails. Is that all down to Kollo? I dunno, but I’m not stopping taking it any time soon!”

Women’s Running is the community for all people who identify as women who love to run. Being voted the best fuelling system within this amazing community confirms just how brilliant Kollo is. Our little wonder product comes in a handy sachet that you can take anywhere, whether out for a short jog or a long run. For all running enthusiasts Kollo helps aid muscle recovery, resulting in an increase in speed and stamina.  

In fact, Kollo, when taken daily for 4-6 weeks, has many benefits for everyone, whether male or female, young or older, runner or yoga lover. Kollo may help to plump and refresh skin, minimise fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate and rehydrate tired dull skin, alleviate some the symptoms of menopause such as bloating and hot flushes, alleviate some of the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, contribute towards a better night’s sleep, balance gut health and aid digestion, help to boost your mood and brain function, strengthen hair follicles contributing to stronger hair, strengthen nail beds for longer stronger nails.

We are very proud of our product which has been clinically proven for real results. We hope you enjoy it as much as us! Why not try it for yourself? 

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