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A guide to buying collagen supplements

by Natasha Whiting

A guide to buying collagen supplements

Professionals across the medical and beauty industry continue to rave about the immense benefits of collagen supplements. Well, this is because our collagen production significantly decreases as we grow older, causing joint problems, wrinkles, thinning hair, etc. While you can get collagen from your diet, supplements are more readily available. If you are looking to buy collagen supplements for the first time, here are a few things to consider.

Collagen type

There are different types of collagen, and they all work to improve different things. If you want to have better bones, skin, hair and nails, type 1 and type 3 collagen are best. Type 2 collagen is better at treating joint problems.


This is particularly important if you have severe allergies. Type 1 collagen is sourced from pigs, cows, chicken and fish. That being said, marine collagen, collagen sourced from fish, has the highest bioavailability and is absorbed 1.5 times more efficiently compared to porcine, bovine and fowl collagen.


When buying collagen supplements, carefully check the amount of hydrolysed collagen offered per serving. For the supplement to be effective, ensure that you get at least 7.5 grams of collagen every day. Kollo collagen contains 10 grams of liquid marine collagen in every sachet, which is the perfect serving. Vitamins and amino acids provide added benefits, so look out for that. Vitamin C in particular works synergistically with collagen to provide maximum absorption.


Collagen supplements come in the form of pills, powders and liquids. They all work fine, but liquid collagen offers faster absorption. As a matter of fact, you get more than 90% collagen absorption from liquids. Kollo premium liquid collagen is perfectly packaged in a sachet to ensure that you get the exact amount of collagen you need. Its small size makes it convenient to carry in your bag when travelling, and since it's ready to drink, all you have to do is snip and sip.

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