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5 reasons why marine collagen is superior

by Natasha Whiting

5 reasons why marine collagen is superior

There are three main types of collagen: marine collagen, bovine collagen, and porcine collagen. Bovine collagen is sourced from cows, porcine from pigs, and marine from fish. Out of these three types, marine collagen, offers more benefits and is overall a better choice. In this blog post, we will be exploring the superior qualities of marine collagen.

It has superior bioavailability

Marine collagen is absorbed 1.5 times faster into the body. This is because it has the lowest molecular weight and the smallest particle size among all collagen types. The tiny particles are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing easier and faster transportation of the collagen peptides to the parts of your body that require them, such as the skin, joints, and bones.

It is rich in type 1 collagen

Our bodies have over 40 different types of collagen, which vary in function and composition. Type 1 is the most abundant collagen in our body, and it is a vital component of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, teeth, and skin. Marine collagen is mostly made up of type 1 collagen, so it offers you several benefits at once.

It improves skin elasticity

Our skin is made up of 70% Type 1 collagen. As you know, collagen production decreases as we age, causing wrinkles and saggy skin. Therefore, supplementing with marine collagen will help replenish the skin for a more youthful appearance.

It is rich in proline and glycine

One of marine collagen's superior qualities is that it offers 8 out of 9 vital amino acids. It also has substantial amounts of proline and glycine, which perform essential functions in our bodies. Proline has antioxidant properties, and it also helps stimulate collagen synthesis. On the other hand, glycine is a powerhouse amino acid that helps prevent stomach ulcers, improves glucose tolerance, and promotes lean muscle mass formation.

It is environmentally friendly

One way you can help conserve the environment is to use environmentally-friendly products such as marine collagen. Fish skin, which is considered waste, is rich in collagen and has excellent health-boosting properties. It is used in the production of marine collagen, so every time you use marine collagen, you will help ease environmental pollution.

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